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Medtronic InFuse Lawyer

Without question the most important decision an injured Infuse patient can make is what law firm to hire. The difference can be substantial from one firm to the next. The best way to choose your lawyer is to ask the questions that are important to your case, including:

How large is your law firm?

Billion dollar drug and medical device companies respect power. Make sure your law firm has the intellectual and financial resources to battle with Medtronic, the largest medical device maker in the world.

How many mass tort claims has your firm handled in the past

You don't want to hire an attorney that is learning the ropes as they go along. Your best option is to hire an attorney with experience with the mass tort litigation process.

What are your successes handling mass tort cases in the past?

Align your case with attorneys that have a winning record.

How many Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit cases are you handling?

The larger number of cases the attorney is handling the more power the lawyer has in settlement negotiations.

Do you carry Mal-practice insurance?

Lawyers, like doctors, can make mistakes. Be sure your lawyer has adequate insurance to protect you if he or she makes a mistake on your case.

Will the lawyer talk to you for free and take the time to answer all your questions?

Don't hire an attorney who will not take the time to politely answer all your questions free of charge.

Will the lawyer charge me anything for costs or attorney fees if they are unsuccessful in making a recovery?

The majority of lawyers will take tort cases on a contingency basis, which means that the lawyer only gets paid if you win your case. Feel free to contact our organization if you have questions that are unique to your situation. Don't be intimidated into not asking questions. This is your case and you deserve answers to questions that can help you get compensation for injuries you have sustained. Call us today to speak with an Infuse Bone Graft lawyer.