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Welcome to the Medtronic InFuse Lawsuit Center

Thank you for visiting the Medtronic Infuse Lawsuit Center. Our primary goal at is to provide patients and their families with the information they need to evaluate whether they, or their loved one, as an Infuse patient, has a right to seek damages against the manufacturer of the the Infuse product, Medtronic Corportation, and to make suggestions as to how best to proceed with that process.

As part of that effort, we feel it is important to discuss the history of the product, including its intended and FDA approved uses. As part of the discussion there will be an explanation as to why the product was created in the first place, the alternatives that were and are available to deal with degenerative-disk disease and the reasons so many people were unknowingly given the product without being adequately warned as to the potential adverse side effects.

Medtronic InFuse Side Effects

In order to help our visitors determine whether or not the Infuse product has damaged them or their loved one, we attempt to identify the significant health issues which have allegedly been experienced by Infuse patients, particularly those that have occurred as a result of off label, non FDA approved procedures.

Misconduct by Medtronic

Senate and other governmental investigations as well as several whistle-blower lawsuits leave little doubt as to patterns of misconduct on the part of the manufacturer of Infuse, the Medtronic Corporation. Our goal is to set forth the known facts and let you the patient decide whether or not that conduct played a role in any injuries you have sustained as a result of your use of the Infuse product.

Filing a Medtronic InFuse Lawsuit

The decision to file a claim against Medtronic for damages alleged to have been caused by the Infuse product is one that is extremely important and should not be undertaken without a complete understanding of the litigation process.

It is our most important goal to educate our visitors on this process and to provide them with an opportunity to consult with an outstanding legal team at no cost. It is our hope that through careful evaluation and study that each of our visitors makes an informed decision on the issue of whether or not to litigate. Thank you again for visiting our site.

Hiring an InFuse Lawyer

Nothing is more important to an injured infuse patient than choosing the right law firm to represent him or her in their claim against medtronic. In that regard we have attempted to set forth the important questions and answers to help you make the right decision on which law firm to hire. Take a few minutes to review our suggestions. They will help you no matter which law firm you talk to.